The Committee of the DCBC is delighted to announce the appointment of Brett Gilbert as Club Coach for season 2022.

Originally recruited from the Watsonia BC, Brett previously played over 60 games for DCBC from 1999 through to 2003 inclusive, in one of the most successful periods of the club’s history.

Throughout this period, Brett also coached the club from 200 to 2002 inclusive, including Premiership success in both B Grade & B Reserve in 2001, leading the club into A Grade for the first time in it’s history in 2002.

Later on, Brett moved to North Queensland for many years for business reasons, only returning to Melbourne a few years ago and instantly renewing his interest in the welfare of the club.

Brett brings an enormous amount of baseball knowledge, IQ and experience over his many years of playing throughout both summer and winter competitions, together with a wealth of knowledge as a starting catcher throughout much of his career.

Brett is universally acknowledged as a great baseball person throughout the baseball network.

He is genuinely very excited to return to DCBC and renew his acquaintance with the club.

We thank him sincerely for the commitment to our club and look forward to welcoming him personally as we begin our 2022 campaign.

Get along as soon as you can and make yourself known.

You won’t regret this opportunity.

DCBC Committee

19th March, 2022